The New TAG Heuer Connected Watch, Fully Explained by Frédéric Arnault in an Exclusive Interview

Today, TAG Heuer dispatches another Connected watch and we plunked down with Frédéric Arnault, TAG Heuer’s Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, to discuss the new Connected Watch. How can it fit in the whole TAG Heuer line-up and what are the prospects? One thing appears to be clear, TAG Heuer can utilize its 160 years of watchmaking experience to make an all around planned, ergonomic and attractive wristwatch. This time without mechanical content but with condition of-workmanship specialized content and the most recent programming. Frederic is certain that both mechanical and connected can effectively coincide and flourish inside quite possibly the most perceived, noteworthy Swiss watch brands.

TAG Heuer presents the third-age of its Connected Watch, and since the brand spearheaded the extravagance connected watch fragment back in 2015, it has now aggregated a critical foundation in this field. This third-age blends exemplary TAG Heuer watchmaking components and a state-of-the-art computerized insight with a greater number of functionalities than some other top of the line connected watch.

What is the TAG Heuer Connected Watch precisely? Above all else, outwardly talking, it is a watch, a TAG watch to be exact that looks extremely comfortable and in accordance with the remainder of the assortments, yet with its own character as well. The watch is 45mm in measurement, accessible in steel or titanium with choices for DLC-covering. It additionally includes the mark TAG faceted carries, cleaned and brushed subtleties, a graduated artistic bezel and useful crown and pushers, making a visual connect to the chronograph past of the brand. It tends to be worn on a steel arm band or elastic ties, both with collapsing clasp and a natural tradable wristband system.

But at that point comes the genuine article, the connected/computerized territory. Outlined by the earthenware bezel is an OLED touchscreen secured by a scratch-safe sapphire gem. The “dial” can be redone with all-mechanical or computerized TAG-propelled foundations – including skeleton chronographs or a digitalized Carrera Heuer 01, where various capacities can be remembered for the sub-dials. Obviously, present day computerized shows are likewise included.

What would you be able to do with this third-age TAG Heuer Connected Watch? Controlled with Wear OS by Google, it underpins various capacities, for sports as well as for day by day exercises: Google Assistant and Google Translate utilizing the amplifier situated on the left half of the case; email and message notices; Google Pay; music controls; plan; climate; maps… But since this is a TAG Heuer most importantly, it is a games watch. All things considered, the new Connected Watch is good to go with 50m water-protection from stay aware of you while you swim, cycle or go for a spat the downpour. It incorporates a games meeting mode utilizing GPS, sound streaming and pulse observing. The back is fitted with another non-clinical evaluation pulse sensor, which advances following of calories consumed, while the implicit GPS quantifies the client’s situation during exercises and can compute distinctive execution measurements. It likewise incorporates a compass for bearing, just as an accelerometer and gyrator.

Finally, there’s the new specially crafted TAG Heuer Sports application, which supports golf, running, cycling, strolling, wellness and different exercises, with significantly more in transit. Wearers can follow their exercises straightforwardly through the watch with key measurements like speed, pace, distance, pulse, with nitty gritty experiences into their presentation through the TAG Heuer versatile application, and even synchronize their information with Apple Health or Strava.

Price for this new Connected watch will begin at EUR 1,700.

But we should find more about this new TAG Heuer Connected Watch with Frédéric Arnault, TAG Heuer’s Chief Strategy and Digital Officer.

Frank Geelen, MONOCHROME – TAG Heuer was the primary extravagance watch brand to accept this ‘connected’ innovation. How does the Connected discover its spot in the whole TAG Heuer universe?

Frédéric Arnault, TAG Heuer: Great inquiry. We were among the first to enter this market, not just from the Swiss watch brands, and we are still among the lone noteworthy Swiss watch brands to be available and put a ton in the smartwatch classification. We consider this item the Connected Watch, not a smartwatch like numerous others, on the grounds that all things considered, it is a watch. We took a great deal of motivation from our set of experiences and notorious lines, and we had planners and mechanical architects from our watchmaking cooperation on this item.

One of the central issues for us was to make a wonderful watch. You’ll see the lines and selection of materials and the methods we developed for the gathering of the fired bezel on the steel or titanium case, etc. This is one of the central issues from the DNA of TAG Heuer. At that point, on the advanced insight, there are two focuses that are significant. The principal respects the watch countenances and we take motivation from our customary dials. Have you seen our latest products?

Yes, without a doubt. Some look excellent, incidentally. Stunningly good.

Yes (chuckles) and we have a Carrera Heuer 02 dial that is propelled by the customary dial we deciphered in the advanced world. We’ve taken some freedom with that by reevaluating our DNA in the computerized space. You can find in the carbon watch face or orbital watch face or even the actual timekeeping that there are things you were unable to do with a conventional, mechanical dial. Be that as it may, it actually takes motivation from our timekeeping division. In addition, we come with our own product biological system and are dispatching TAG Heuer Sports. We as of now have a main involvement with golf that was dispatched last March (2019). Presently we’re coming with extra exercises like running, cycling, wellness, strolling and a double encounter on the watch with a companion application grew completely in-house for an extraordinary encounter for the client.

Very intriguing. It additionally seems like a watch you can use for anything in your life.

Yes, that is one of the central issues. It’s a watch you can wear for everyday life that is likewise exceptionally lovely. One you’ll be pleased to wear on the wrist. At work, around evening time and for sports exercises to gauge your presentation. Likewise, for everyday use, we use the Wear OS working framework for notices, applications you can download from the Play Store and the full help from Google with Google Assistant and Google Fit.

So, Google is a huge accomplice in this project.

Yes, we worked connected at the hip with Google and they’re opening their working framework more to permit us to modify and convey a curated experience for our customers and clients. We do depend on Google for the working framework. We additionally have accomplices causing us on subjects like GPS advancement, pulse enhancement, etc, and we’ve put a great deal in the presentation of these sensors. It’s significant for us to in any event be comparable to a portion of these and better than others on the current market.

The smartwatch or connected watch market is profoundly competitive. As a conventional watch brand, how might you discover your place and convey this competitively with the privilege answers?

There are a ton of brands putting resources into this classification, so it’s exceptionally packed. We accept that we have an interesting and significant situation on the lookout. In the first place, it’s a watch truly enlivened by the universe of watchmaking with the materials we use, the lines and plan. It looks exceptional on your wrist and unique in relation to other smartwatches. Those come more from the tech world also. We’ve additionally put a ton in the client experience. It’s a genuine watch that lives with you and should be instinctive and simple to live with, and obviously, carry an incentive to the client. We additionally have inward groups of UI planners, item chiefs and programming designers dealing with this product experience. We accept that a ton of the worth we’re carrying is with the product.

Does it likewise require the greatest and quickest equipment conceivable to make the UI turn out best for the client? Coming from an IT foundation myself, I envision that the quicker and more current the equipment, the better the product experience. Furthermore, in some cases the equipment is the restricting component for the UI.

The first individual selected in the specialized group worked in the lower layers of the product that interfaces the equipment and programming, which is vital for all the advancements we’re doing. At that point it’s our picked components. We have a high thickness, brilliant presentation that truly glances stunning in both indoor and open air settings, and the best chip as of now accessible for smartwatches with the Wear OS environment. We additionally put resources into the streamlining of a portion of the key components like the GPS and pulse screens, and furthermore power utilization. Along these lines, it’s an endless story.

Who do you see as the fundamental competitors for the TAG Heuer Connected? Would it be the Apple Watch? I can’t envision it would be something like a Fitbit.

Our competition is unquestionably at the higher finish of the market. The central participants are Apple and Samsung, and Garmin in an alternate fragment just as different watches in the games class. We have a particular suggestion compared to these entertainers. The plan and materials – as we just use steel and titanium –  and the wonderful clay bezel that looks splendid on the wrist. The flexibility and customization alternatives with the lash and watch faces that you can clergyman to your character, and the liquid and natural games insight, both on the watch and on the telephone. We truly put a great deal in the full insight.

When TAG Heuer dispatched the Connected Watch, there was the choice of trading the computerized module for a mechanical one. Should this actually be possible? What’s more, has it at any point been a plan to bring to the table both an advanced and a mechanical module in one prompt offer?

We chose to not recharge that proposal for this watch. We are truly putting resources into the sturdiness of these watches. With the battery, we have similar imperatives as some other tech item and our batteries will last somewhere in the range of two and three years with every day use. Notwithstanding, we have a screwed back that permits us to supplant the battery, which gives extra life span to the item. We plan to have an item that endures any longer than individuals are utilized to and we’ll additionally offer a reusing program when the opportunity arrives. On the mechanical side, we do accept there is a connection between the two, however the offers are additionally very unique. A client isn’t searching for a similar feeling and kind of procurement when purchasing a Connected watch or a mechanical watch. The story can be connected, however we would prefer not to interface it to such an extent as to offer both as a group or a limited pack. Obviously, a client can buy both a smartwatch and a mechanical watch simultaneously.

Regarding the fate of wrist-worn items, what’s your assessment: mechanical or digital?

For me and what we accept at TAG Heuer, both have a splendid future ahead. We are putting a ton in Connected watches and mechanical watches, and we likewise offer and accept that quartz watches will keep on assuming a part in the market.