The Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Rebirth

The universe of plunge watches is immense… to such an extent that we in some cases fail to remember that during the 1960s there were many brands and watches accessible. A few, obviously, obtained religion status; some fell into obscurity. Others, nonetheless, are as yet known and gathered by a specialty gathering of lovers. We’ve seen this as of late with Aquastar , for example. Another brand that was as of late resuscitated is Nivada Grenchen. Following the dispatch of the Chronomaster, the brand resuscitates the Depthmaster “Pac-Man” alongside a second form of the watch with Arabic numerals.


Nivada was established in 1926 by Jacob Schneider in Granges (Grenchen). In 1930 Nivada was one of the primary companies to manufacture programmed watches. This prompted the making of Nivada’s first waterproof programmed watch called the Antarctic in 1950. The watch was worn by individuals from the American Navy’s Deep Freeze 1 during their endeavor toward the South Pole from 1955 to 1956. Among various models, the most broadly known is the Chronomaster, a chronograph with 200-meter water-obstruction. It came in three particular organizations: Chronomaster, Aviator and Sea Diver. In 1964 the Depthomatic turned into the first diver’s watch with a profundity pointer or bathymeter.

But today is about a peculiar jumping instrument. In 1965, Nivada Grenchen presented the Depthmaster, an incredible plunge watch that could withstand pressing factor of 100 ATM or 1,000 meters. No little accomplishment considering most plunge watches around then offered 150 – 200 meters of water-obstruction. Truth be told, this was a record for the business until Rolex presented its Sea-Dweller. The Depthmaster got a few epithets. To begin with, “baby Panerai” or “mini Panerai” because of its pad formed case, despite the fact that it was far more modest than the Florentine model. A subsequent name, and the one that feels generally exact to us, was “Pac-Man” and you can perceive any reason why by taking a gander at the lists. Albeit two adaptations were accessible, the one with Arabic numerals was less “iconic” than the one we are taking a gander at today with its combination of a numeral 12, three-sided lists and odd-looking markers at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock… Created to rapidly distinguish the time in low-light conditions, they additionally looked pretty cool.

The Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster “Pac-Man” Rebirth

Nivada Grenchen, in the same way as other brands of the 1970s, didn’t endure the quartz emergency. In any case, two watch business visionaries chose to bring the name back. The story began in Paris in 2018 during a conversation between Guillaume Laidet, a French business visionary in the watch business (previous Jaeger-LeCoultre, Zenith, and organizer of William L.1985), and Remi Chabrat, proprietor of the Montrichard Group (a private mark watchmaker). The last was good to go with the Mexican gathering (Grupo Industrial Omega SA de CV) proprietor of the name Nivada, and in 2019 they acquired the permit to utilize the Nivada Grenchen copyright. The experience began with the fruitful relaunch of the Chronomaster and the Antarctic.

Following these two starting assortments, the brand is additionally restoring the Depthmaster, the brand’s most symbolic diver’s watch in two varieties: the purported Pac-Man and the one with Arabic numerals. Notwithstanding the various components on the dials, note that the model with Arabic numerals is likewise furnished with a date.

Just like the Chronomaster, the thought with this Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster was to make a reliable and open re-release of the past model, as close as conceivable outwardly yet with current execution. Thusly, the plan of the new Depthmaster remains practically indistinguishable, with a treated steel pad formed case, straight carries and a brushed steel plunging bezel. The case holds a similar combination of brushed and cleaned surfaces as the first, and extents are additionally limited with a 39mm measurement (versus 38mm before), a 13mm stature and a 47mm drag to-haul estimation. Furthermore, in light of the fact that the first was an amazing plunging instrument, the Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster regards its soul with 1,000m water-obstruction, a screw-down crown and caseback and a helium get away from valve at 9 o’clock.

Some components have been refreshed, however. For example, the Plexiglas has been supplanted by a cutting edge sapphire precious stone. The unidirectional bezel, engraved with a 60-minute scale, holds its etchings and the combination of red and dark. Inside the case is an attempted and-tried development, a programmed Sellita SW 200-1 (with or without date), with 4Hz recurrence and 38h force reserve.

The recognizing component of the vintage watch was its dial. To start with, we have the engaging supposed “Pac-Man” model, which brings back the particular combination of three-sided lists, a 12 Arabic numeral and molded markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. These are painted on the dial with Super-LumiNova and combined with strong iridescent hands in cleaned metal. Note that the watch will be accessible with white or cream-shaded radiant paint –  for a more specialized or more vintage look. Contingent upon the release, the seconds hand is loaded up with SLN or painted red.

In expansion, Nivada likewise delivers a subsequent form, this time with a dial including a combination of twirly doo markers and Arabic numerals. Additionally accessible with white or cream-shaded radiant material, this variant highlights a date window at 3 o’clock outlined by a white printed line. The logo is distinctive as well and a red profundity rating engraving is set at 6 o’clock.

The Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Rebirth will be offered on a cowhide lash (earthy colored or dark), an elastic jungle like tie or an impeccable “bead of rice” or “extensible Oyster” treated steel bracelet.

Availability & price

The watch will be accessible for pre-request from February 2021 at . Conveyances are normal in June 2021. It will be valued at EUR 850 or USD 1,000 on calfskin or jungle ties, and EUR 1,050 or USD 1,275 on steel bracelets.