The Patek Philippe 6300A Steel Only Watch 2019 Becomes the Most Expensive Watch Ever Auctioned (CHF 31 Million)

This is it… There’s another champion for the most expensive watch ever auctioned (wrist and pocket watches included). It is the Patek Philippe 6300A , the Unique Steel Grandmaster Chime for Only Watch 2019 … And with a mallet cost of CHF 31 Million, it crushes all past records – and by all in all a margin. 

In terms of watches auctioned as of late, we can without much of a stretch say that it has been one record after another. Taking a gander at what’s been occurring as of late, we’ve seen another record for a wristwatch with Paul Newman’s own Rolex Daytona Paul Newman becoming the most expensive wristwatch ever at USD 17,752,500 .

Regarding Patek Philippe, the brand has had two records in the previous years. First was the Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 in steel  (a Perpetual Calendar Chronograph), sold by Phillips in 2016 for USD 11,136,642. Not long before that, we had the most expensive watch (a pocket watch) ever sold at sell off, the  Patek Philippe Supercomplication made for Henry Graves Jr. , sold by Sotheby in 2014 for over USD 24,100,000. We really figured the last would stay on highest rated spot for several years… But good cause sell off Only Watch 2019 demonstrated us wrong.

Indeed, the top part of the deal, an exceptional Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime (Patek’s most complex wristwatch ever), here created in steel with a salmon dial, under the reference 6300A, just pounded for CHF 31,000,000 (Christie’s site is as of now showing CHF 35 Million with premium, yet there is no premium on Only Watch noble cause auctions).

Knowing that this watch has been auctioned with all the advantages of the business going to a foundation, we can only acclaim this record. More insights regarding the other Only Watch 2019 parts here, at .

Only Watch is a biennial pledge drive for research on strong dystrophy –   Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies (AMM). Coordinated under the support of HSH Albert II de Monaco, the watches of the eighth release will be auctioned by Christie’s on Saturday 9 November 2019. More subtleties at .