The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 to be Discontinued and Replaced? The Rumour is on Instagram…

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Let’s accept, for the fun of the conversation, that the gossip is driving towards the real world. Are there signs that the Nautilus 5711 could be ceased? Taking a gander at the actual watch, and keeping in mind that the plan is totally wonderful, there’s opportunity to get better. For example, Patek Philippe could undoubtedly add a fine acclimation to the collapsing catch, something that is missing at this point. Additionally, while different brands are executing brisk trade frameworks to switch among wristband and tie, the 5711 must be worn on a metal bracelet.

In a similar vein, while Patek Philippe has added a stop-seconds work in 2019 with the presentation of the type 26-330 SC (supplanting the type 324 SC), this development is as yet having a short force save of just 35h-45h. An update of the Patek Philippe Nautilus time-and-date could revive the model and bring a portion of the highlights that the competition is currently offering.

Now comes the topic of commercial issue? For what reason would Patek Philippe suspend the 5711 and supplant it with another model, realizing it is perhaps the best watches available? Indeed, the appropriate response is essentially here. The 5711 may have arrived at its top in fame and Patek could some way or another need to satisfy its customer by staying away from that the watch loses a portion of its advantage, and circumstantially, a portion of the superior connected to it. How to do that? By halting creation and dispatching another model. The impact of suspension has been demonstrated in the past when Patek halted the creation of the white dial 5711. It used to be a marginally disregarded model however whenever it was eliminated, costs on the recycled market immediately raised to nearly arrive at the costs of blue dial variants. Yet, recollect that the entirety of that is unadulterated theory and dependent on rumours.

Another plausibility could be the presentation of a bigger model, similarly as with the Aquanaut, adding to the assortment the reference 5168G, with its 42mm case. Could Patek bring a “jumbo” Nautilus with a 42mm case?

As consistently, don’t hesitate to talk about this inquiry of the suspension of the Nautilus 5711. Do you think it is practical? Do you figure it will happen soon or do you figure Patek Philippe will keep up the watch as it is presently? Also, on the off chance that it is supplanted, what might you want to find in another Nautilus? Offer your contemplations with us in the comment box.

Update 22/01/2021 - we can affirm that the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-010 (steel, blue dial) is on the "run-out" list