The Revamped F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel

F.P. Journe, as quite possibly the most adored contemporary independent watchmakers, needs no presentation. His work has been acclaimed by numerous authorities, especially his focus on chronometry – remembering his work for reverberation or consistent force – and complications. With such a foundation, it nearly feels like a prerequisite for Journe to have a perpetual calendar in the assortment, which did, obviously, exist with the Octa Perpetuelle (presently ceased), or a watch dispatched in 2013 and simply named “Quantième Perpétuel”. The last has been revamped for the current year with new dials, and today we investigate this new F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel.

Following the Octa Perpetuelle and its unique display with a retrograde date on a semi-roundabout curve and off-focused time sign, F.P. Journe dispatched his Quantième Perpétuel in 2013, with a more work of art yet profoundly neat display composed of perfect, all around masterminded windows for all the calendar signs. Offered in multiple variations with different materials and even in two sizes, the primary specificity of this watch – which was a common feature of numerous models of the Octa assortment – was its focal cartouche in a dim or gold tone, framed by an ovoid ring in polished steel. The periphery of the dial was composed of an hour chapter ring with printed Arabic numerals and a railroad minute track – as seen above.

Introduced in a circumspect manner this year – the watches were at that point accessible in stores even before the declaration of the dispatch itself – F.P. Journe adds new dials to the assortment with a style that is more in accordance with the watches from the “Souverain” assortment, which means guilloché patterns and applied numerals. However, the mechanics and the general display have been kept.

The update on the F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel just concerns the dial however we’ll likewise investigate the watch itself since we’ve never covered it on MONOCHROME. First, let’s investigate what has changed. In place of a two-tone dial with a steel frame and printed numerals, these 2020 models presently feature a strong silver dial with a focal part finished with a “clous de Paris” guilloché pattern, yet at the same time with the ovoid shape that encases the signs. While the windows were previously simple patterns in the dial, these are currently framed by metallic applied parts that coordinate the case material – as are the hands, in steel with rhodium or gold plating. Finally, the other significant curiosity includes the numerals. Despite the fact that they hold the typical F.P. Journe font, these are presently produced using strong white or red gold (depending looking into it) and applied on the dial.

The standard at Journe is for silver-shaded dials, regardless of whether for the platinum or red gold models. New to the assortment is a blue dial, which might be accessible from official Journe shops, while the silver dials are offered additionally by retailers. The blue dial is deep and more contemporary; the silver models, especially when paired with a red gold case, are exemplary, ageless with an unmatched elegance.

Whichever option you decide for the dial, all models are accessible in 40mm or 42mm breadth – consistently with a moderately compact stature of 11mm. The fundamental difference between these two sizes is the width of the bezel, more prominent on the 42mm watch. Additionally, the silver dial or the blue dial can be paired with a platinum or a red gold case. Finally, F.P. Journe offers the option of a conventional crocodile strap or a platinum or red gold 5-line wristband, particularly appreciated in hotter regions of the globe.

Back to the mechanics and the watch itself. At the point when it was dispatched in 2013, the F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel denoted a gigantic step in practicality and intelligibility over the Octa Perpetuelle. Time is halfway positioned (hours and minutes) while all calendar signs, with the exception of the leap year showed by a little focal hand, are displayed by huge and clean windows. This implies an enormous date at 6 o’clock with two independent plates, and the day of the week and the month at 12 o’clock. The new metallic frames additionally increment clarity, making this watch a spotless, adjusted and practical QP.

There are other recognizable features in the F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel. For example, all the signs have quick jumps. Likewise, this QP is not difficult to utilize. All remedies are made utilizing the three-position crown, except for the rapid amendment of months, which is completed by a protected and covered up corrector switch underneath the carry at 1 o’clock facilitating the change more than four years without a specific tool.

Inside its case, the F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel depends on the notable and powerful “Octa” programmed base development – a decision that bodes well for a QP, being far more practical than a hand-wound development. Manufactured generally in rose gold – 18k for the extensions and mainplate and 22k for the off-focused guilloché rotor – it is superbly enlivened with roundabout graining, roundabout Geneva stripes, polished chamfers and all the customary adornment procedures you’d expect from such a watch.

Technically-speaking, the winding is done one way just, with a autoblocant metal ball framework. This permits the development to twist in an efficient manner, as each development of the wrist is fully exploited for an optimized twisting of the watch. Running at a frequency of 3Hz, with a free-sprung balance wheel, the development stores more than 120 hours of exploitable energy (despite the fact that it has a full power hold of 160 hours).

Availability & Price

The F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel silver models are currently accessible from all retailers and stores, while the blue models are saved to shops as it were. The watch is priced at CHF 66,400 in red gold and CHF 70,000 in platinum (prices excl. taxes).

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