The Seiko Diver’s 55th Anniversary Trilogy of Iconic Reissues

Fifty-five years prior, in 1965, Seiko presented its first-historically speaking diver’s watch – which likewise turned out to be the first Japanese diver’s watch. With its programmed development, its 150m water-resistance, its strong case and its highly recognizable plan, the 1965 Seiko 62MAS prepared for different ages of professional dive watches to come – and become the establishment for quite possibly the most respected manufacturers of dive watches. In the years that followed, Seiko created numerous other diver’s watches that would characterize the brand’s configuration codes. To honor three of its most historically significant dive watches and to celebrate 55 years of divers, the brand reissues the 1965 62MAS 150m, the 1968 Hi-beat Diver’s 300m and the 1975 Professional Diver’s 600m with a (heavenly) set of three comprising the SLA037, SLA039 & SLA041.

Seiko’s significant diver’s watches

While today we underestimate the idea of a dive watch, watches regularly made by the ISO 6425 norms, it took effort for manufacturers to unmistakably characterize this idea. Early names date back to 1953, with the Fifty Fathoms or the Submariner, trailed by other famous pieces, for example, the Seamaster 300 or Doxa (to give some examples). On the opposite side of the globe, in Japan, we’d need to stand by until 1965 to see Seiko’s first diver’s watch… But what a significant watch it would be. This is the watch that set out the principles for ages of dive watches to come, from open pieces to professionally arranged magnum opuses. Furthermore, one thing to remember is the impact Seiko had on the creation of the ISO 6425 standards… just to say how great its initial instruments were.

The first in the line-up was dispatched in 1965, the famous Seiko reference 6217, or “62MAS”. It was the mother of all upcoming sea-going watches of the brand (text styles, dial tone, bezel style, case style… ) and even today, Seiko’s professional dive watches – named Prospex – owe a ton of their motivation to the ref. 6217.

The Seiko 6217-8000/1, nicknamed the “62Mas”, had strong contentions: a programmed development (type 6217A),150m water-resistance, a huge (around then) 37mm case with a mono-alliance shape (rather enormous coordinated drags, which ensure the strength of the case) for greatest security and a dim dial with huge records and hands, obviously, all glowing. The bezel already featured a totally readable hour long supplement, with all the required markings, yet was as yet bidirectional. It even demonstrated its reliability when it was utilized by individuals from the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969.

Although it performed well indeed, Seiko concluded that the 62MAS could be improved in numerous angles and, in 1968, the brand created its second professional diver’s watch, the Automatic Diver 300m Ref. 6159-7001. This watch was not simply an update of its predecessor. In only three years, Seiko had multiplied the water-resistance, improved the usefulness and readability of the watch and acquired radically in precision. The Automatic Diver 300m was the first hi-beat diver’s watch available. Its huge size, its signature plan, its famous plated emphasizes all fostered the legend behind the watch that is still today a motivation for current models.

But the brand didn’t stop there… It needed to create a watch that could genuinely be called “professional”. Yet, that would require more than a couple of specialized updates. It would require seven years for the brand to deliver one more achievement watch, which likewise presented a spic and span architecture for the case. In 1975, Seiko dispatched a 600m diver’s watch that pushed back the limits farther than some other of its watches, the 1975 Professional Diver’s 600m “Tuna”. It had a titanium one-piece case and an external case defender. It utilized a uniquely evolved L-molded gasket to make it impenetrable to helium without the requirement for a departure valve. This one of a kind watch changed forever the style of Seiko diver’s watches – this architecture is as yet being used today.

Now that we’ve took a gander at these three notable watches in detail, it’s time to proceed onward to what Seiko has been preparing for us: a set of three of recreation watches to celebrate 55 years of plunging instruments. Not new models as such, as you’ll see… yet pretty cool pieces anyway.

The 1965 “62MAS” Re-Creation, the SLA037

The first of the three models in this diver’s set of three, the reference SLA037, is profoundly inspired by the most punctual of the part, the 62MAS. It is additionally founded on a natural present day piece, the reference SLA017 , presented back in 2017 at Baselworld. While being dedicated to the first 1965 model as far as style, it has likewise been modernized regarding extents and materials (clearly). Furthermore, notwithstanding that, it additionally comes with a few updates compared to the 2017 model.

The instance of the Seiko 1965 Diver’s Re-creation SLA037 takes great motivation during the 62MAS, with similar precise shape and incorporated carries. The equivalent can be said about pretty much every component of the watch: the roundabout brushing on top of the case; the cleaned caseband; the crown situated at 3 o’clock (the unbalanced crown will come later); and the bezel with complete graduation. What changes is the measurement, reasonable yet bigger than in 1965, at 39.9mm. The primary development compared to the SLA017 is the material, and the case is made of Seiko’s “Ever-Brilliant Steel,” which has a splendid white tone and is more consumption resistant than conventional steel.

To complete this high-end bundle, the Seiko 1965 Diver’s Re-creation SLA037 features a crate shape sapphire precious stone and the bezel embed is dark with full graduation. The crown screws-down guaranteeing its 200m water-resistance. Another oddity here is the blue-dim dial, matching the blue “tropic-like” silicone tie. Be that as it may, the 62MAS-inspired files and hands are still present.

Inside the case is another development, as this SLA037 features he hi-beat 5Hz type 8L55 (the SLA017 accompanied a 4Hz type 8L35). This programmed motor stores as long as 55 hours of force reserve. It has been created and collected expressly for diver’s watches at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio.

Specs: 39.9mm x 14.7mm – Ever-Brilliant steel case – sapphire precious stone – hour long unidirectional bezel – 200m WR – blue-dark dial with Lumebrite – Caliber 8L55, programmed – 55h force reserve – 5Hz frequency – 37 gems – attractive resistance 4,800 A/m – blue “tropic” silicone tie – restricted to 1,100 pieces, accessible July 2020 – EUR 6,500

The 1968 Hi-Beat Re-Creation, the SLA039

Second in the set of three is the Seiko 1968 Hi-Beat Re-Creation SLA039, a watch that honors the first High-Frequency diver dispatched by Seiko, as the advancement of the 62MAS. The new model depends on the current SLA025 dispatched in 2018 . Indeed, we have a watch that is devoted to the first model yet additionally shows a few developments compared to the 2018 version.

While the model above is more of an advanced recreation, the SLA039 feels more dedicated to the first, regardless of whether it’s the details, the extents, or the development. The instance of this 1968 Re-Creation is huge and cumbersome, yet so was the first piece. It measures 44.8mm in width and 15.7mm in stature. It likewise features the signature crown at 4 o’clock. Yet, the plan was right on the money in 1968… And it actually is today.

Once again here, the case is made of “Ever-Brilliant Steel,” which is done in the regular GS way, with zaratsu polishing. The case is sharp and precise yet additionally, from our involvement in the SLA025, extremely very much wrapped up. Much the same as its progenitor, the SLA039 is water-resistant to 300m and features a silicone tie with a pattern.

Following the topic of this Diver’s 55th Anniversary Trilogy, the dial is blue-dim with a sunray-brushed example and it features a matching tie. Inside the case is a similar development as over, the Hi-Beat type 8L55 and it 36,000 vibrations/hour – much the same as the 1968 model.

Specs: 44.8mm x 15.7mm – Ever-Brilliant steel case – sapphire gem – hour long unidirectional bezel – 300m WR – blue-dim dial with Lumebrite – Caliber 8L55, programmed – 55h force reserve – 5Hz frequency – 37 gems – attractive resistance 4,800 A/m – blue silicone lash – restricted to 1,100 pieces, accessible August 2020 – EUR 7,000

The 1975 “Tuna” 600m Re-Creation, the SLA041

Last yet not least, the third model in this 55th Anniversary Trilogy is a recreation of quite possibly the most recognizable dive watches at any point created, the purported “Tuna” watch or 1975 Professional Diver’s 600m. And keeping in mind that the plan is as yet troublesome and instrumental today, you can envision how it was received 40 years prior. The watch gets its name from its unordinary shape, combining a focal holder with the dial, bezel and development, just as an outer defensive cover, which was dark on the first form. This gave the watch the presence of a container of tuna…

The new model is designed according to the 1975 reference 6159-7010 and fuses the majority of the visual and specialized components of this historically significant piece. The outside case, which measures 52.4mm in distance across, is made of dark covered titanium, utilized widely in the surfaces, linings, jolts and different components of marine structures and vessels to stay away from consumption in a chloride-rich climate like seawater. It is additionally known for its resistance and its delicacy. The bezel is made with similar creative amalgam as the two pieces above, in “Ever-Brilliant Steel.”

In line with the topic of this set of three, it features a blue dial and an accordion-type silicone lash. A few advancements can be seen on the specialized side: the SLA041 in now water-resistant to 1,000 meters, it comes with a sapphire gem and the attractive resistance has been increased to 40,000 A/m, on account of the dial made of pure iron – acting like a faraday confine. Inside the instance of this amazing dive watch is the Caliber 8L35, similar specialized base as the two developments utilized above yet with a standard 4Hz frequency.

Specs: 52.4mm x 17.2mm – titanium outside and inward case with Ever-Brilliant Steel bezel – sapphire gem – hour long unidirectional bezel – 1000m WR – blue-dark dial with Lumebrite – Caliber 8L35, programmed – 50h force reserve – 4Hz frequency – 26 gems – attractive resistance 40,000 A/m – blue silicone lash – restricted to 1,100 pieces, accessible September 2020 – EUR 4,500

Price and availability

The watches in this Seiko Diver’s 55th Anniversary Trilogy are totally restricted editions of 1,100 pieces each.

  • 1965 Diver’s Re-creation SLA037 – July 2020, EUR 6,500
  • 1968 Professional Diver’s 300m Re-creation SLA039 – August 2020, EUR 7,000
  • 1975 Professional Diver’s 600m Re-creation SLA041 – September 2020, EUR 4,500

Also, note that an extraordinary commemorative box with each of the three recreations with extra dark ties will be accessible in May 2020. Only 100 sets will be released.

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