The Seiko Prospex Diver’s King Samurai SRPE35K1 & SRPE37K1

Turtle, Willard, Tuna, Monster, Shogun… And obviously, Samurai. This multiplication of monikers for Seiko’s diver’s watches shows for the most part the love gatherers and devotees have for these tough, very much assembled, and open games watches (and furthermore a specific absence of appeal in Seiko’s nomenclature…) Recently, something new has begun to be seen close to these names, the prefix “King” – something we’ve as of now seen on the Turtle watches . What’s the significance here? Overhauls, upgraded quality, better specifications… And today we investigate the Seiko Prospex Diver’s King Samurai SRPE35K1 & SRPE37K1, the improved rendition of a notable model at Seiko. 

While the Turtle can be viewed as the outdated, marginally vintage-arranged, and adjusted vision of the open plunge watch by Seiko, the Samurai is its inverse. The Seiko Samurai was dispatched in 2004 and was delivered for a couple of years in particular, prior to being eliminated from the index. As of now around then, it was a somewhat enormous, tough, 200m water-safe and currently planned watch, with no vintage motivation. However it includes a portion of the indisputable signs a Seiko ought to have. This watch existed in different releases, incorporating forms with a titanium case (ended in 2008, and saved for the Japanese market) or steel case with “Clou de Paris” finished dial. It took Seiko very nearly 10 years to restore the Samurai, which made its comeback in 2017 . Beginning with 4 references (SRPB49K1, SRPB51K1, SRPB53K1 and SRPB55K1), it brought back its pointedly planned case, its finished dial, its impressive measurements and a few reports on the bezel, the text styles, the tones, the files/hands and a more present day movement.

We’ve looked into the exemplary Prospex Diver’s Samurai on different events, here at MONOCHROME – for example here with the debut assortment , or here with the PADI adaptation . And keeping in mind that the exemplary Samurai watches are as yet accessible in the brand’s list, an updated “King” variant has been dispatched mid-2020, following the very thought that we’ve investigated with the King Turtle watches . The formula is notable yet pretty efficient. Take quite possibly the most acclaimed open jump watches of the Seiko Prospex assortment, keep what’s cherished – which means the plan, the general presentation and the sensible value – and redesign a portion of the parts with high-evaluation and without wear materials to bring better-saw quality and more protection from outer hostilities. Also, here you have the King Samurai watches.

As such, the middle instance of the King Samurai SRPE35K1 & SRPE37K1 is indistinguishable from the exemplary SRPBxx Samurai watches. It in this manner estimates 43.8mm in measurement for a tallness of 12.8mm. Not little watches as such, and anticipate very some wrist presence. The case is, in any case, essentially planned, with moderately compact drag to-haul estimation, at 48.7mm. It wears somewhat more modest than the breadth would allow you to envision. The shape is additionally indistinguishable, with sharp points in general, inclining drags and a sharp crown monitor, with a crown traditionally situated at 3 o’clock – and not at 4 o’clock, in the same way as other Seiko jump watches. The case is generally executed with silk completed surfaces, featured by some cleaned accents.

While it holds a non-checked screw-down crown, a screwed caseback and a 200m water-opposition, some observable advancements are to be seen for the habillage. In the first place, if the steel bezel actually has its finely knurled surface, and still pivots unidirectionally with 120 (firm) clicks, the addition has been refreshed. Executed in anodized aluminum on the exemplary Samurai watches, the King form introduces a dark cleaned artistic addition with engraved hour long plunging scale. This implies that the bezel will be secured against scratches and outside hostilities. Along these lines, the King Samurai SRPE35K1 & SRPE37K1 are furnished with a sapphire precious stone with hostile to intelligent covering and a magnifier over the date window, supplanting the generally low-end mineral Hardlex gem. In any case, for the rest, almost certainly, these are genuine Samurai watches. The general quality is commonplace Seiko, straightforward, powerful yet not fancy.

When once again introduced in 2017, the SRPBxx Samurai observes all accompanied a finished dial, with a fine “clou de Paris” design emblazoned. A simple method to separate exemplary models from these new “King” watches – something that is likewise valid for the Turtle watches – is to examine the dial. To be sure, they all have now an embellished matrix design, which adds a cool feeling of profundity and complexity to the plan, without upsetting the clarity. However, no advancement is to be noted for the hands and records, which hold similar shapes as in the past, just as their productive Lumibrite material – and there’s a genuine measure of lume on these watches…

The King Samurai is accessible in two tastes. In the first place, the SRPE37K1, which comes with a splendid white dial. A valid statement is that, regardless of the monochromatic style of the dial, the similarly white lists and hands contrast above and beyond the foundation and decipherability is better than expected, if not practically great. All the components are to be sure dark covered metal, to the special case of the seconds hand, with a brilliant tone. This form is worn on a dark silicone lash with steel pin clasp. A fresher choice that looks less of an instrument.

Additionally, Seiko offers the King Samurai in an exemplary dark variant – reference SRPE35K1. Here, the hands and lists are outlined in silver metal and consequently significantly separate from the dull foundation. The dial is dynamized by a dash of brilliant tone on the seconds hand and profundity rate as well. This release is just accessible on a 3-interface hardened steel arm band with collapsing catch and diver’s expansion – building up its device ish style.

Under the screwed caseback is a notable development, the Caliber 4R35 that additionally prepares the exemplary Samurai models and offering a similar 40h force save, a 3Hz recurrence, a hand-wound limit and stop-seconds work. The more current 6R35 is held for watches in a greater cost range.

Availability & Price

The Seiko Prospex Diver’s King Samurai SRPE35K1 & SRPE37K1 are both accessible as a feature of the perpetual assortment, so you’ll discover them at most retailers. Cost is set at EUR 650 or USD 625 for the dark variant, and EUR 620 or USD 595 for the white form – which is around EUR 170 in excess of an exemplary Samurai (without earthenware bezel and sapphire crystal).

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