The Unique (and Superb) De Bethune x Urwerk Moon Satellite for Only Watch 2019

For the 2017 version of Only Watch, Urwerk shocked authorities with a remarkable and unmistakably irregular coordinated effort piece made with the most exemplary of independent watchmakers: Laurent Ferrier ( more details here ). The outcome was stunningly striking and inconspicuous simultaneously. For the 2019 version of the foundation closeout, Urwerk again collaborates with an individual non mainstream watchmaker, however this time as striking and contemporary as the brand. Meet the De Bethune x Urwerk Moon Satellite for Only Watch 2019.

It is with incredible delight that we declare this new watch…! Two of our number one independent watchmakers rejoined in a solitary watch, both known for being intense, modern, with an exceptional interpretation of watchmaking, yet at the equivalent so unique. On one side, you have Urwerk, expert of Sci-Fi watches, with one of a kind satellite shows and wandering hours. On the opposite side, you have De Bethune, a modern interpretation of conventional watchmaking hand-made by ace watchmaker Denis Flageollet. So envision what can happen when you mix both… You end up with a watch with a De Bethune case, a presentation and dial by Urwerk and a base development completed in the most noteworthy way.

The De Bethune x Urwerk for Only Watch 2019 is named “Moon Satellite” and is an entrancing mix between De Bethune components and Urwerk components. The case is effectively conspicuous with its coasting drags, its rakish profile, its smooth surfaces and a crown at 6 o’clock. It estimates 43mm in distance across and is created altogether in cleaned grade 5 titanium. The cleaned metal gives the case incredible reflections, from splendid metallic to nearly black.

On top of this “Moon Satellite” you’ll see a U-formed dial opening, which quickly alludes to crafted by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei at Urwerk. Surrounded by a textured base plate, the mark satellite sign of the hours takes a gander at home in this modernist context. The minutes are demonstrated on an angled track and all the numerals/signs are treated in light blue. Another sign of De Bethune’s work can be found at 6 o’clock: a circular moon regular of the brand’s watches.

Turning the watch over, you’ll find a together developed development. While the showcase stage has been given to Urwerk, the base development is unmistakably about De Bethune, with the normal three-sided principle connect, the twofold barrel and the cross-over cockerel connect. The development is done in a sublime manner, with curved plate covers and mirror-cleaned barrels connect. The De Bethune x Urwerk “Moon Satellite” highlights a titanium offset wheel with white gold embeds, a De Bethune balance spring and a silicon get away from wheel. This hand-wound development puts away to 4 days of force reserve.

The De Bethune x Urwerk “Moon Satellite” Only Watch 2019 is a special piece yet in addition an exceptional coordinated effort watch. It is outwardly and precisely amazing and is definitely one of our number one piece of the cause sell off. Gauge CHF 120,000 – 150,000.

Only Watch is a biennial pledge drive for research on solid dystrophy –  Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies (AMM). Coordinated under the support of HSH Albert II de Monaco, the watches of the eighth version will be unloaded by Christie’s on Saturday 9 November 2019. More details at . Also, find all the Only watch 2019 watches here .