Tutima Flieger Automatic Green Dial – Accessible, Robust, Colourful

Take a company with genuine authenticity in “Flieger” pilots watches, make a decent, proportional time-and-date watch with barely enough vintage and military motivation, give it a vigorous yet simple to-source programmed development, add a dash of stylish style with an inclination green dial and sell it for a sensible price… and you end up with the new Tutima Flieger , a cool, cheap, straightforward pilots-enlivened watch that doesn’t take it too serious!

There are different sides of Tutima. The first, and the one we appreciate generally here, at MONOCHROME, concerns very good quality watches with in-house developments, lavish dials and cases and common Saxon plan. These watches, under the Patria line, are pieces to consider on the off chance that you need to make a stage into the universe of Glashütte-produced watches – particularly the most recent model in the assortment, the Blue polish Patria in Steel .

The opposite side of Tutima glances back at the brand’s legacy, when the brand was creating pilots and military watches – for the most part during the 1940s. These chronographs (or not) are known under the name “Flieger” and were the necessary hardware for German pilots. Today’s assortment at Tutima actually depends on these hearty, utlitarian pieces, with such models  – modernized, more regular citizen models dependent on the “Flieger” design.

This year, Saxon brand Tutima re-deciphers the Flieger idea, with a section level, time-and-date watch. So you can get your hands on a cool-looking watch, with strong development, real settled brand at a fair cost – for sure, openness isn’t just the apanage of miniature brands.

The ida behind this watch was to give a more metropolitan, less toolish, less exacting plan to the pilots watch – which can easiliy be very virus. The greater part of the components of a German pilots watch are as yet present, be that as it may, combined with more contemporary and more easygoing plan elements.

The instance of the new Tutima Flieger is reasonnably measured at 41mm in distance across. It is made of hardened steel, with cleaned and glossy silk completed surfaces, a huge (however not larger than average) round crown, a level cleaned bezel and rather compact drags. The execution is charming and unfold German quality. A sapphire gem on the back (not captured here, as the watch was still at model stage) gives a view on the development. Water obstruction is set at 100m, above and beyond for such a watch.

Where Tutima brings inventiveness and innovation is on the dial. accessible in numerous variants, including dark and anthracite forms, the most engaging adaptation is the current green dial. Green is a significant stylish shading nowadays and combined with an angle impact (more obscure on the outskirts), this gives the watch a special character. Dashes of red on the dial additionally brings a more energetic look. A date window is set at 6 o’clock, which can be legitimized by the contemporary and easygoing expectations of this watch, anyway we could undoubtedly manage without it…

Powering the new Tutima Flieger is the programmed type Tutima 330 (base ETA), with 38-hour power hold and 4hz recurrence. So, an attempted and-tried, effectively workable development that will keep going for quite a long time. Thinking about the value, it is a quality alternative from Tutima.

The Tutima Flieger Automatic Green Dial is accessible on a 3-interface, cleaned and silk completed wristband. A green calfskin lash can likewise be requested. Cost is EUR 1,600 on steel arm band and EUR 1,350 on calfskin tie. An exceptionally respectable quality-value proportion. More subtleties at tutima.com .