Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt – A New Concept with Revolutionary 3D Flying Oscillator (Live Pics)

Compliant components are adaptable systems that move an info power or relocation to another point through flexible body deformity. Canvassed in detail here , they offer immense advancement potential for mechanical watchmaking. Additional confirmation of this upheaval can be found in the most recent variant of the Ulysse Nardin Freak. Loaded with imaginative uses of adaptable parts, the Freak NeXt highlights a progressive flying oscillator whose tridimensional design depends on adaptable silicon sharp edges. Meet the most recent model in a long heredity of creative watches, the Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt. Furthermore, on the off chance that it is as yet a concept watch for the time being, it may make it into creation in the extremely close future.

Here, we are managing the actual quintessence of watchmaking and chronometry. The development of the hairspring (17th century, by Robert Hooke/Christiaan Huygens) significantly expanded the exactness of watches. A slender wound spring joined to the equilibrium wheel permitted it to waver to and fro at a steady recurrence. Doing as such, it controlled the speed at which the pinion wheels of the watch turn – and accordingly controlled its rate. From that point forward, the sprung balance has been the select time reason for the mechanical watch. Albeit the oscillator has been upgraded to the best conceivable degree over the long haul, its standard has remained for all intents and purposes unaltered for more than three centuries.

As an obvious truth, the production of new oscillators has been endeavored by barely any, dominated by less still. Among the uncommon ongoing improvements we have: the TAG Heuer Mikrogirder; the oscillator of the Genequand/Senfine controller of Parmigiani Fleurier; or the DR01 concept drafted by Dominique Renaud . As of late introduced, the Zenith Defy Lab is managed by a solid oscillator made of monocrystalline silicon.

NeXt 3D Flying oscillator

With the Freak NeXt, Ulysse Nardin uncovers an oscillator of genuinely marvelous plan. Its creative 3D engineering depends on the adaptability of silicon sharp edges. It is made of four layers highlighting concentric adaptable cutting edges (32 silicon miniature edges altogether) estimating 16 micrometers in width. The various layers are associated with silicon “spacers”. A strong layer fills in as a flywheel. The last highlights four inactivity loads and four change screws that can be pivoted to change the pace of the development, much the same as a customary equilibrium wheel.

The oscillator is fixed to the development because of its edge with 2 pins, 2 screws, in a real sense suspended in mid-air, with no focal rotate and no contact with the principle plate. The turn point being virtual, the oscillator gets rid of turns and gems. Accordingly, it dispenses with contact, play, grating, wear, grease or scatterings. This permits Ulysse Nardin to radically improve energy utilization and effectiveness. It additionally gets rid of the unfriendly impact of gravity as there is no distinction in abundancy between the even and vertical places of the watch.

The oscillator of the Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt combines high recurrence and low abundancy (just 45° versus approx. 300° on a traditional watch), working at a great 12Hz recurrence (or 86,400 vibrations each hour) for a strong 70-hour power save. The utilization of silicon implies that the oscillator is essentially uncaring toward attractive fields and temperature changes. The accompanying video will make its working clearer.


Ulysse Anchor escapement

This progressive oscillator works related to the Ulysse Anchor Escapement, introduced in 2014. This consistent power escapement is in any case exceptionally creative. Its standard depends on the bi-stable properties of clasped silicon edges. Altogether made of silicon, this essential component includes an edge with an anchor rotating in its centre without grinding. The anchor is stood firm on in foothold by opposite tensioned silicon sharp edges to keep up them in a bi-stable state. The rotation between the two states permits to bolt/open the getaway wheel while giving consistent impulsions to the oscillator, without being influenced by the fluctuating force provided by the mainspring.

The creative UN25X development includes an appealing, innovative look. The scaffold holding the roll development comes in a trapezoidal shape outlined by iridescent cylinders loaded up with Super-LumiNova. The oscillator stands apart with its vibrations, innovative design and its evolving tone (in light of the silicon oxide layer). The hours are demonstrated by an iridescent marker making a complete turn in 12 hours.


Turning the watch over, the display caseback offers an unrestricted perspective on the winding system, the Ulysse Nardin Grinder, a concept disclosed at SIHH 2017 with the Freak Innovision 2 . The rotor is associated with a filigree-molded casing. The ring joined to this casing has four springy hooks. Their little, snared shape draws in with the winding wheel focused over the barrel. Every pivot of the swaying weight causes the casing and the ring to waver to misuse the littlest measures of motor energy.

A concept watch, commercial items soon

The Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt is introduced in a 45mm titanium and platinum case with a Super-LumiNova bezel gleaming in obscurity. Like all Freaks (aside from the new section level Freak X ), there is no crown. Pivoting the bezel permits setting the time advances/in reverse. Winding the watch is finished by turning the caseback. There are two lash choices: a white punctured elastic tie got with a titanium collapsing catch or a crocodile tie with Velcro.

Kudos to Ulysse Nardin for this pivotal turn of events. Stephane Von Gunten (Research and Innovation Director) and his group have been working a very long time on this oscillator. The primary patent on the venture was recorded in 2009. Making another oscillator is no little test. Along with the Zenith Defy Lab oscillator , it certainly is perhaps the most encouraging and energizing tasks in this field.

The Ulysse Nardin Freak NeXt is a concept watch (not available to be purchased) targeting displaying new innovations. Notwithstanding, this progressive advancement may make it into creation in an extremely not so distant future, as the brand announces that its inventive instrument “will be fused into commercial items before the finish of the year“. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit www.ulysse-nardin.com .