Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Phantom with Devialet – Pump up the Volume

It’s certain that Ulysse Nardin needs to underline its commitment to cutting edge development, first made show with the Freak and its front line silicium escapement. This time Ulysse Nardin contacts a celebrated French company eminent for its extravagance speakers to co-build up a restricted version of 85 repeaters that will deliver a “novel sound insight”. The 43mm titanium Hourstriker Phantom, named after Devialet’s new age Phantom speakers, consolidates sound innovation to enhance the sound of the repeater and stretch out its reverberation to 85 decibels.


French company Devialet is a main maker of high-devotion speakers with ergonomic models like the Phantom Reactor, a compact associated speaker that can deliver sound up to 108 dB SPL.

Since the 1980s, Ulysse Nardin has been delivering striking watches making probably the most detailed repeaters some of the time combined with automata (jaquemarts) addressing authentic scenes with Alexander the Great or Hannibal in real life. Ulysse Nardin aces the specialty of moment repeaters and appears to be anxious to contribute this complication a more current setting.


With its ability in mutilation wonders, Devialet teamed up with Ulysse Nardin’s watchmakers to reclassify each progression in the sound sign chain and convey the best exhibition at any point recorded on a striking watch – 85 dB to 100mm. Rather than the exemplary striking component setup, where the sound frequencies are caught inside the watch’s development, the Hourstriker Phantom diverts the sound frequencies outside the case. To let the sound travel past the limits of the case, the opposite side of the watch has eight holes under its membrane.


The Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Phantom Devialet tolls the hour and half-hour on command and is housed in a 43mm cleaned titanium case. The cut-out territory of the dial is beautified with Chladni figures, a visual portrayal of various vibration modes on a strong surface created by the German physicist and artist Ernst Chladni. Under the etched construction, a colored glass in part conceals the development. The rose gold shade of the hands – like Breguet hands – demonstrate the twofold digit Arabic numerals. Close to the 3 o’clock marker is a little gap that shows up with a rose gold foundation and vanishes again when the striking instrument is enacted or deactivated. Fitted with a programmed development, UN-610, the watch has a force hold of 42 hours.

The Hourstriker Phantom is a restricted release of 85 watches and will retail for CHF 72,500 making it – if the brand is right – the most reasonable watch of its sort available. For more data kindly visit ulysse-nardin.com .