Understanding Schwarz Etienne & How Hairsprings Are Manufactured

Today MONOCHROME is visiting Schwarz Etienne, a free watchmaker with a great degree of vertical integration. We will initially investigate the brand and its pleasantly manufactured watches. Also, we’ll find a standout amongst other maintained mysteries of the watch business, the manufacturing of quite possibly the most crucial parts of a watch: the hairspring.

The hairspring, the small spring that allows the balance to swing back and forward and that regulates the speed of the development, is an amazingly complex component to craft and a couple of companies in Switzerland manage to manufacture this vital component of a watch. Bit by bit, you’ll find how the hairspring of a watch development comes to life and how valuable it is for the accuracy of your watch. This is a theme that we already explained in one of our “A Technical Perspective” segments . However, we wanted to know more – and to show substantially more too.

To give you an idea of how complex the cycle is, all starts with a round wire that requires to be decreased in diameter from 0.6mm to 0.07mm. The interaction is called drawing and the wire is passed between 45 to multiple times in different diamond bites the dust. And that is only one of the various necessary strides to go from a wire to a functional, totally balanced and accurate hairspring.

Since images are superior to words, we encourage you to take a gander at the video on top of this article to find the original and complex watches of Schwarz Etienne and the cycle behind manufacturing a hairspring in the traditional way.

More details on www.schwarz-etienne.ch .