UNIMATIC x Massena LAB ​Modello Uno Ref. U1-ML6

Back in late 2018, William Massena at the same time dispatched his own undertaking named “Massena LAB” just as the main watch coming about because of this endeavor, the magnificent bronze Habring2 Erwin LAB01 . Known as an ardent watch gatherer (among numerous different things), Massena has a couple of associations in the watch business (no doubt) and realizes who to collaborate with. His most recent collaboration watch is not quite the same as his first endeavor with Massena LAB and has been made with a contemporary and in vogue Italian watchmaker. Meet the cool, open and vintage-enlivened UNIMATIC x Massena LAB ​Modello Uno Ref. U1-ML6. 


William Massena is one of those certain names in the watch business. He’s a functioning member in the realm of horology as an authority, expert and previous barker. He was a retailer with stores in Miami and New York, and later turned into the Chief Operating Officer of Antiquorum in Geneva. He found the watch authorities’ gathering TimeZone in its soonest days in 1995 and has been subsidiary with the site from that point onward, first as an arbitrator, and now as its Managing Director. In 2018, William dispatched “Massena LAB”, a company that makes and proposes ideas to brands, and offers restricted editions.

The first watch coming about because of this task was a bronze loser seconds Habring2, with area dial – an exquisite, unique watch with character. The second Massena LAB ​collab-watch reflects William’s energy for vintage jump watches. For this one, the thought was to make it one of a kind yet open, which is the reason UNIMATIC, a contemporary Italian watch brand mixing vintage and current plan with sensible costs, was selected.

The UNIMATIC x Massena LAB ​Modello Uno

UNIMATIC is known for the most part for its unique Modello Uno. The possibility of the two organizers was to mix vintage and contemporary plan signals and to offer interesting release watches. Not just have these watches end up being very much planned and all around constructed, yet they stand apart with a special interpretation of moderation – a portion of their manifestations don’t even have markers or highlight a “nude” plunging bezel.

For this Massena LAB release, as per William, that thought was “what would a UNIMATIC watch from the 1950s look like today?“. In this way, take the exemplary Modello Uno and envision it after an intense life, worn as a jumping instrument, much the same as those vintage, patinated, blurred old “tropical” Submariners that are so famous on auction.

The Modello Uno Ref. U1-ML6 predominantly varies from the standard model by its bezel, dial and caseback. The lay depends on the lauded watch that UNIMATIC offers in different varieties as of now. This implies a 40mm case – the bezel’s distance across is 41.5mm – made of brushed steel with an exemplary jump watch look. The hauls are powerful, the crown is curiously large (8mm) and profoundly ensured by two raised shoulders and the watch has a 2.5mm domed sapphire precious stone on top. It is additionally 300m water-resistant.

Then comes the specificities. The UNIMATIC x Massena LAB ​Modello Uno doesn’t conceal its association with 1950s jumpers, including the world’s acclaimed “Bond” Submariner ref. 6538. This is appeared on the bezel, in dark anodized aluminum, with a red triangle and raised lume speck at 12 o’clock, just as a 15-minute graduated area – a first for a UNIMATIC Modello Uno. The bezel is, obviously, unidirectional and turns with 120 unmistakable clicks.

And then we proceed onward to the “cool factor”, the dial. To accomplish the “tropical” look wanted by Massena, every single one of the U1-ML6 dial’s experienced a stirring interaction, blurring from the first dark tone to its warm brown shade. As each dial responds diversely to the interaction, no two are exactly indistinguishable. This patinated shading is combined with hand-applied “old radium” Super-LumiNova indexes. The dials are “fatto a mano” (carefully assembled) in Milan, Italy. The showcase is, fortunately, no-date and the time is shown by darkened hands, with coordinating “old radium” paint and a turned around candy seconds hand.

Turning the watch over, the screwed caseback highlights an extraordinary etching, portraying Greek god Poseidon. It is likewise an accolade needed by Massena: “Aside from the reference to the lord of the ocean, the etching honors World War II saint and veteran Alastair Robertson, an official in the British Royal Navy. Prior to his retirement, he filled in as the guide for the plane carrying warship HMS Ocean, the boat’s peak was that of Poseidon.

To keep an open value, the UNIMATIC x Massena LAB ​Modello Uno is controlled by the attempted and-tried Caliber Seiko NH35A, a programmed development with a 41h force save and a 3Hz recurrence. A development that is not difficult to support and known for its good exactness and its longevity.

This restricted version UNIMATIC is introduced in a powerful flight case and comes on a Horween Cordovan Shell calfskin tie and a dark hard core nylon NATO strap.

Price and availability

The UNIMATIC x Massena LAB ​Modello Uno Ref. U1-ML6 is a restricted release of 99 independently numbered pieces and is estimated at USD 850. It will be available for orders starting today (March second, 2020) through massenalab.com only.