Video – The Day we Brought a Camera into the Omega Master Chronometer METAS Lab

This was three years prior as of now yet what a unique day… Back at that point, Omega had reported its Master Chronometer affirmation. Made as a team with free Federal Institute of Metrology METAS, the Master Chronometer affirmation was perhaps the most exceptional and rigid accreditation measures in watchmaking. However, nobody had at any point been permitted to bring a camera inside the research center, until we did, in March 2017. Also, therefore, we chose to deliver one of our most inside and out videos, a legitimate 24-minute documentary where you’ll have the option to find precisely how Omega has figured out how to become one of the pioneers in accuracy and against magnetism. 

While a few brands center around complexity and customary watchmaking – compiling whatever number complications as could be expected under the circumstances into a solitary development – Omega picked an alternate way, the quest for the most ideal development for day by day use, a development that will perform to a similar significant level in each circumstance, in each climate, in each conceivable condition. Warmth, cool, attractive fields, stuns… The programmed 3-hand or chronograph watch that will oppose most outside hostilities, and that will stay exact to perhaps the most elevated level of the business. This prompted the formation of a certificate named ‘Master Chronometer’, the chronometer-plus…

Precision prerequisites that are much more severe than COSC, against attractive protection from an exceptional level, protection from stuns, water, pressure, recreation of wrist-wear, power save and then some. In this video, we investigated all the means that a watch requires to pass to have the name ‘Master Chronometer’ imprinted on its dial. Also, to this date, we’re still the solitary ones who have been allowed such admittance to the Omega laboratory.

To read all the insights concerning the Master Chronometer confirmation and to find the research facility, check our article with video here .