What Makes the Seiko Prospex Diver’s “Turtle” and “Samurai” Such Cool Pieces?

When it comes to watches, we can some of the time be somewhat luxurious at MONOCHROME – or, put all the more exquisitely, we can be very specific and have a weakness for anything top of the line. We love watchmaking in its most perfect structure with complex systems and Haute Horlogerie design. We can’t help it. But… We love watches all in all and we additionally really appreciate professional available watches . What’s more, in this field, Seiko with the Prospex assortment is positively among the best competitors. Think “Turtle” and “Samurai”, think “PADI” versions, think cool diver’s watches that retail for not exactly a large portion of an amazing. Furthermore, today I’ll give you my own view on why all watch devotees, prepared or new to the game, lucky or not, should consider investigating these two, exceptionally cool watches.

This article isn’t planned to be an inside and out survey however a greater amount of an assessment piece. To get familiar with the Seiko Prospex Diver’s PADI “Samurai” SRPB99K1, you can peruse our survey here . Also, to get familiar with the Seiko Prospex Diver’s PADI “Turtle” SRPA21K1, you can peruse our active here .

So, time currently to investigate the cool-factor of these two cheap however incredible dive watches.

A piece of history

The Seiko Turtle and Samurai are two of the most notable watches of the brand, since they are generally open, yet additionally on the grounds that they have performed amazingly above and beyond the years. Truth be told, they are current symbols dependent on more than 50 years of history of dive watches at Seiko.

While the dive watch idea was at that point grounded in the Swiss watch industry – what began in 1953 with the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and the Rolex Submariner, continued in 1957 by the Omega Seamaster 300 – it assumed control longer than 10 years for the Japanese watch industry to respond. In any case, the response was amazing. In 1965, Seiko presented a watch known as the “62MAS”, the reference 6217, the mother of all ensuing oceanic watches of the brand. This watch impacted the business and Seiko’s notoriety for proficient dive watches is obvious. Seiko exhibited its predominance and has been liable for making a large number of the highlights that are currently broadly acknowledged as industry standards. Indeed, the ISO 6425 guidelines have been part of the way dependent on parts of Seiko’s diver’s watches.

The Turtle

The Seiko Prospex Diver’s Turtle is designed according to another notorious watch of the brand, the “Chief Willard”, or Seiko reference 6105. Produced from 1968 onwards, with a water-obstruction of 150 meters, what grabbed everyone’s attention was the crown situated at 4 o’clock and the first state of the case, which gave the watch its nickname.

An illustration of Seiko 6105-8110 – picture by Fratello Watches A vintage Seiko 6309 “Turtle” – source: watchuseek

The acclaim of the 6105 comes from fiction, as it was the watch Captain Willard wore in the work of art Apocalypse Now. By 1977, the 6105 was supplanted by another significant watch, the 63XX arrangement, an assortment that maintained all the qualities that had made Seiko dive watches so well known: it was modest, excessively dependable, exact and tried for proficient use. What’s more, when Seiko re-dispatched the “Turtle” in 2016 , the brand took incredible consideration to hold the first plan of the famous and exceptionally regarded 63XX series.

The Samurai

The Seiko “Samurai” is all the more an advanced symbol, a watch roused by the absolute boldest vintage Seiko Diver’s watches, yet not a watch that is a resurrection of the past. It was dispatched in 2004 and was created for a couple of years until it was taken out from the inventory. It was a moderate, dependable and all around planned current dive watch, with a programmed development and 200m water-opposition. Its plan got notorious. Also, its combination of an enormous round bezel with a sharp, precise case turned out to be notable among collectors.

The Samurai existed in different releases, incorporating variants with a titanium case (stopped in 2008, and held for the Japanese market) and a steel case with a “Clou de Paris” finished dial. The arrival of this notorious dive watch was declared with the 6,000-piece Lagoon restricted version in February 2017 preceding its authority comeback to the perpetual assortment at Baselworld 2017 – a light update of the past model as it comes with a similar case, a revamped bezel, diverse records and hands, and a mechanical upgrade.

Watches to Consider because…

It is consistently interesting to be target with regards to recommending a watch. Truth be told, I can scarcely be evenhanded here, since the two watches you find in this article are mine (clarifies why they aren’t worn on their unique treated steel wristbands). I can’t help it, I love dive watches (despite the fact that I don’t dive) and Seiko makes probably the best plunging instruments in this value section. However, I’ll attempt to give you some valid justifications why the Seiko Turtle and Samurai are somewhat should have pieces in an assortment, whatever is in your collection.

… They are intense yet fun loving dive watches

This may seem like a logical inconsistency, yet this is genuine. These watches are both amazingly genuine instruments yet in addition fun little toys, with a look that consistently makes me grin when I lash them on the wrist.

On the one side, both the Samurai and the Turtle are competent dive watches. I say both on the grounds that, aside from the plan, these watches are practically indistinguishable in fact – same determinations, same water-obstruction, same capacities, practically indistinguishable development. The Samurai and the Turtle may be a small part of the cost of a Submariner or a Seamaster, yet with regards to the plunging limits they don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. They pack all the vital highlights of an expert dive watch. This incorporates the 120-click jumping bezel with hour long scale imprinted on an aluminum embed, a screw-down crown, 200m water-opposition (which is all that could possibly be needed for 99.99% of the applications), a strong and all around ensured case, exceptionally intelligible and glowing hands and lists, enough attractive obstruction – the entirety of that making them genuine dive watches, as indicated by the ISO 6425 standards.

There can be no questions that these watches, paying little mind to the value classification they’re playing in, are exceptionally skilled divers. Positively, the vast majority of us won’t use them as such yet at the same time, it is consoling to understand what they can withstand. In this manner, on paper, they are intense pieces yet the beneficial thing with Seiko is that it additionally considered making some cool and outwardly fun loving versions. Other than the exemplary dark or blue dial and bezel adaptations, you have a lot of alternatives to look over – dark case with smooth files, uncommon “Save the Ocean” releases with wave example and blue dial, the “ Lagoon ” forms, the “ Dawn Gray ” models… And you have my top picks, the PADI versions with their cool, marginally Rolex-roused blue-and-red topic (PADI is the world’s most believed scuba jumping preparing organisation).

On the Turtle, this PADI bezel is combined with a pleasant, sunray-brushed blue dial and various red accents on the dial and hands. On the Samurai, the dial is dark yet decorated with an exceptionally point by point and shockingly professional wave design. In addition to the fact that this shows incredible tender loving care regardless of the available cost, however it likewise makes these watches energetic, uncommon and eye-getting. Genuine on paper yet initially planned and executed.

Finally, there’s the customization part. Initially, both are introduced on a treated steel wristband, which I’ve chose to eliminate – I’m not an aficionado of steel arm bands all in all, having a little wrist. However, that’s the thing with these watches. You can wear them with basically anything: NATO, elastic, material, flexible MN tie or even calfskin in the event that you need. These watches are very versatile.

… The quality/value proportion is simply impressive

Now we move to somewhat more target matters: saw quality and its connection with the cost. Furthermore, for that, I’m going to connect back to an old article we distributed on MONOCHROME, back in 2011: “ The Cheapest High-End watch “. Saying that, you may picture something from Patek or from the town of Glashütte. Be that as it may, we took a gander at things in an alternate manner. Our models for a top of the line watch were: a mechanical, in-house development, a brand with undisputed family, ideally still with the association of the establishing family, an undeniable degree of collectability… And this is by and large what Seiko is.

Seiko is among those uncommon brands that are as yet possessed by the establishing family and where the watches are completely delivered in-house, from the cases, the dials and the developments. Also, on the off chance that you eliminate the cost from the condition, Seiko is among the top of the line brands.

The Seiko Turtle and Samurai are, irrefutably, very first rate watches. The cases are sharp and absolutely created, the bezels have decent snaps, the crowns screw definitely and don’t feel delicate, the dials are itemized and correctly made, the developments are strong, solid and effectively useful. Absolutely, grasping a Rolex will be a really fulfilling experience – and comparably well, since we’re discussing watches 10 to multiple times more costly. However, these two Seiko, valued underneath EUR 500, never disappoint.

Wherever you look, you can feel the tender loving care and the accuracy of the work done by Seiko’s watchmakers. The cases feel strong, the detachment lines among cleaned and brushed surfaces are flawless and the dials are shockingly itemized. There are a couple of concessions, obviously, for example, the Hardlex mineral glass in lieu of a more safe sapphire – despite the fact that after numerous years wearing these watches, I never encountered a scratch on the crystal.

Mechanically, the developments are fabricated completely in-house – all the parts, including the hairsprings or the adjusts. Don’t expect extravagant adornments here at the same time, altogether reasonableness and understanding the games/dive watch setting, it would not bode well to invest energy beautifying the developments. This would just expand the cost yet not the apparent worth. The developments in these watches, both from the 4R3x family (the solitary contrast is the day-date versus date-just capacity), are known as “entry-level” programmed developments. However, they include a hand-wound limit and a stop-seconds instrument. Likewise, Seiko declares an exactness of – 35/+45 seconds a day… which is negative. By experience, my Turtle goes around – 5 seconds per day and my Samurai around – 7 seconds every day. Furthermore, taking a gander at discussions, you see that most proprietors record precision inside ±10 seconds a day. Not all that awful for such a price…

What you’ll get with these watches are pleasantly executed, straightforward pieces from quite possibly the most decent brands, with deals focuses all around the world, no aftersale issues, an overall guarantee, the sureness that the company will in any case be running for a very long time and, all things considered, your watch will stay simple to support. The sort of watch you can trust on visually impaired faith… and at a negligible part of the cost of your typical extravagance watch.

… They cover the necessities of most watch aficionados, newcomers or seasoned

Some watches are intended for a specialty crowd. These watches are intended for everyone… This is the sort of watch you can purchase as your first mechanical piece. What’s more, it will convey a ton of delight. It is the sort of watch you can without much of a stretch offer your child, grandson, closest companion, sweetheart, sweetheart (indeed, I know ladies who wear models this way and are absolutely comfortable with it). If that individual is into watches, you can’t go wrong.

But they are likewise the sort of watch that can carry a great deal of delight to a prepared authority since, supposing that he’s not very elitist, he’ll comprehend the estimation of these watches, their sheer quality and how significant they are for the watch business. These watches are the ideal complement to the watch you wear for work, an incredible end of the week/occasion watch that is fun, that looks great, that actually performs and that won’t let you down. So whether you have a solitary watch or different extravagance pieces, these Seikos won’t look wrong in your watch box.

And to respond to whether or not the Samurai is superior to the Turtle or the other way around, it truly is just a matter of plan. The two watches are precisely indistinguishable. One is sharp and somewhat more forceful in plan, the other is more limited, a smidgen more work of art and comes with a slight vintage offer. Yet, extents (width and carry to-drag), just as comfort, are quite equivalent and won’t change the last decision.

All in all, despite the fact that I’ve seen, contacted and worn great many watches in my profession at MONOCHROME, from super available to super top of the line, these two little Prospex watches continually bring me bliss and pleasure.

Price and availability

Both watches are generally accessible uncommon (yet not restricted) versions, which can be found at Seiko online stores, at Seiko shops and at retailers. The Seiko Prospex Diver Turtle PADI SRPA21K1 retails for EUR 449 in Europe. The Seiko Prospex Diver Samurai PADI SRPB99K1 retails for EUR 479 in Europe.

Mor subtleties at www.seikowatches.com .