Your Chance to Attend a Lecture by Roger W. Smith in London, November 27th

As Dr George Daniels’ understudy, the creator of the co-hub escapement, Dr Roger W. Smith OBE (or essentially Roger Smith) is today viewed as the most noticeable expert watchmaker in the UK. In the event that you are into watches, there’s zero chance that this name is unknown to you. What’s more, today, you can enroll for a free lecture by Mr Smith, in London. So, something to raise your watch game to a higher level.

Roger W. Smith’s horological vocation started at 16 years old at the Manchester School of Horology. During the course, Dr George Daniels (1926 – 2011), was a meeting speaker and roused Roger’s desire to hand-make watches. After in the long run working close by Dr Daniels to make the Millennium Series of watches, Roger set up his own studio in the Isle of Man in 2001. He now creates probably the best watches of Great Britain, combining an exemplary look, an undeniable degree of mechanical excellence and sublime hand-made dials and movements.

On Wednesday 27th November, Roger W. Smith will be giving a discussion at City University, London entitled “Development of the Mechanical Wristwatch”. In this lecture, he will examine “developments in current mechanical wristwatches and will suggest that, in ongoing many years, this has prompted a relapse, instead of a movement of the functional characteristics of watches. Dr Smith will share his own perceptions from creating mechanical wristwatches and offer his own answers for improving life span and performance“.

Note that admission to this lecture is free, yet puts should be reserved ahead of time. A great open door for anybody in London. You can enlist here, at City University’s website .

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